Good & Honest Communications

We’re a young, dedicated, and passionately tech-savvy team. It’s about more than just releasing a statement – it’s about crafting a message that consumers actually care about.

Because just like our name, we’re dedicated to providing 100% transparency – whether it’s about our fees or our services.


Public Relations

From crafting press releases to making sure that your audiences get to know you better, our communications pillar is a comprehensive look at traditional communication with a contemporary flair.

Social Media Management

We pride ourselves on understanding the algorithm that social platforms run on. It’s about more than just creating content – we want to help you be heard.

KOL Management

It can be a headache keeping track of a million moving pieces, but that’s why we’re here. Let us help you keep all those cogs moving smoothly and make sure that content created is 100% worth it.


Past & Current Projects

RHL Ventures

Through strategic communications plan and  targeted interview pitches,  we managed to secure several feature pieces in raising awareness of RHL Ventures, its multifaceted team, the funds it manages, and the company’s vision to empower start-ups…